Geotextiles for the Construction of Haul Roads

Haul Roads are commonly used in applications such as site access roads, mine haul roads, and logging access roads. They are most often designed with an aggregate surface that can tolerate more rutting from heavy truckload traffic than is otherwise permissible.

Even good subgrades can deteriorate quickly with the first rainfall. The amount of aggregate used in haul road construction can be greatly lessened, and the life of the haul road lengthened considerably by incorporating a geotextile into the construction of the road.

Stabilizing Subgrade

Stabilizing a medium to hard subgrade can often be accomplished using a medium weight nonwoven, or a woven slit-film fabric. However, a woven high-performance geotextile is occasionally necessary when confronted with a softer subgrade (1).

The separation and stabilization that the geotextile provides can significantly reduce rutting (as visually conveyed in the image above), thus saving time and money.

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  1. For a quick reference on soil strengths, see our Guide to Estimating Subgrade Soil Strengths for Fine-Grained Soils

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